ExxonMobile Oil and Gas Jobs

ExxonMobile Oil and Gas Jobs

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, providing energy that helps underpin growing economies and improve living standards around the world.

ExxonMobil uses innovation and technology to deliver energy to a growing world. ExxonMobile explore for, produce and sell crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products.

ExxonMobile operate facilities or market products in most of the world’s countries and explore for oil and natural gas on six continents.

ExxonMobile Oil and Gas Jobs

Process Technician                                           Singapore, 01, SG

Product Owner                                                  Bangalore, KA, IN

1H2023 Internship Program (Commercial)  Singapore, 01, SG

Product Advisor (Analytics)                             Bangkok, 10, TH

Receivables and Collection Specialist (Mandarin)               Bangkok, 10, TH

Contracts Lead or Manager – Lubes Value Chain (Additives & Basestock)   Bengaluru, KA, IN

DTC Pilot Plant Console Operator                 Huizhou, GD, CN

Business Analyst                                                Bengaluru, KA, IN

Back Office Analyst with English                    Prague, PR, CZ

Geoscientist                                                       LeatherHead, SRY, GB

Projects and Process Advisor                          Bengaluru, KA, IN

Senior Facilities Planner                                   Baton Rouge, TX, US

Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer            Baton Rouge, TX, US

Senior Chemical Process Engineer                Beaumont, TX, US

Upstream Commercial Administrator           Budapest, BU, HU

Pipeline Integrity Engineer                              Bengaluru, KA, IN

Data Architect                                                   Shanghai, SH, CN

Maintenance Scheduler Antwerp Polymers Plant Antwerpen,Antwerp,Zwijndrecht, VAN, BE

Industrial Hygienist                                           Antwerpen, VAN, BE

Praktikant/in im Bereich Health and Safety (m/w/d)          Großenkneten, NI, DE

Construction Planner                                       Huizhou, GD, CN

Ausbildung zum/r Mechatroniker/in (m/w/d)       Großenkneten, NI, DE

Project Design Engineer                                  Bengaluru, KA, IN

Operatore in turno di impianto petrolifero Trecate, NO, IT

Maintenance Supervisor – Analyzer (Huizhou)       Huizhou, GD, CN

Duty Manager                                                    Hui Zhou, GD, CN

Fixed Equipment & Inspection Engineer       Singapore, 01, SG

Industriemechaniker – Großenkneten (m/w/d)     Großenkneten, NI, DE

Verfahrensingenieur mit Schwerpunkt Anlagensicherheit (m/w/d)               Hannover, NI, DE

Process Operator                                              Sriracha, 20, TH

Senior Facilities Engineer                                Kemmerer, WY, US

Ingénieur Spécialiste Process Control H/F   Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon / Fos, Q, FR

Digital Marketing and Coms Advisor – CDMX        Ciudad de México, CMX, MX

PVE CAD Engineer                                             Bengaluru, KA, IN

Maintenance Supervisor (Instrumentation & Electrical) – Huizhou Huizhou, GD, CN

Maintenance Supervisor (Fixed Equipment) – Huizhou       Huizhou, GD, CN

Maintenance Supervisor (Rotating Equipment) – Huizhou Huizhou, GD, CN

XTO Measurement Technician                       Alexander, ND, US

Huizhou Chemical Complex Utilities Coordinator               HuiZhou, GD, CN

Process-Safety Ingenieur/in (m/w/d)           Hannover, NI, DE

Co-Product Senior Technician – Huizhou      Huizhou, GD, CN

1H2023 Internship Program (Technical- Chemical Engineering)     Singapore, 01, SG

2H2023 Internship Program (Technical- All Engineering)   Singapore, 01, SG

2023 Summer Internship Program (Technical-Chemical Engineering)          Singapore, 01, SG

Internship Engineer Belgium – 2023              Antwerp Area, VAN, BE

2023 Summer Internship Program (Commercial) Singapore, 01, SG

Senior Technical Engineer (Utilities) – Huizhou     Huizhou, GD, CN

1H2023 Internship Program (Technical – Chemist)              Singapore, 01, SG

2H2023 Internship Program (Technical – Chemical Engineering)    Singapore, 01, SG

2H2023 Internship Program (Technical – Chemist)              Singapore, 01, SG

2023 Summer Internship Program (Technical – All Engineering)      Singapore, 01, SG

2H2023 Internship Program (Commercial)  Singapore, 01, SG

Cost & Schedule Engineer                               Singapore, 01, SG

Business Data Scientist                                    Bangkok, 10, TH

Analyzer Engineer                                             Singapore, 01, SG

Process Design Engineer                                 Singapore, 01, SG

Public & Government Affairs Advisor            Singapore, 01, SG

UK/EU campus hiring                                       Kuala Lumpur, 14, MY

Strategic Buyer                                                  Huizhou, GD, CN

Lab Technician                                                   Huizhou, GD, CN

Stage Développement du plan de mobilité de la plateforme           Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Q, FR

Upstream Public & Government Affairs Advisor   Houston, TX, US

Trading Analyst                                                  Houston, TX, US

Brand Marketing and Digital Advisor            Spring, TX, US

Editorial Content Lead – Marketing               Spring, TX, US

Payables Analyst with Portuguese                 Prague, PR, CZ

Payment Operations Analyst (Italian/German/French)      Bangkok, 10, TH

Operations Technician                                     Singapore, 01, SG

Payables Analyst with English                         Prague, PR, CZ

Stage Ingénieur qualité                                    Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Q, FR

Payables Analyst with Italian                          Prague, PR, CZ

Payables Analyst with French                         Prague, PR, CZ

Stage Ingénieur gestion du changement solution digitale Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Q, FR

Fuels Product Technical Staff                         Annandale, NJ, US

2022CMH – Aviation Coordinator                  Douala, LT, CM

Upstream Trading Analytic Intern                 Singapore, 01, SG

DTC maintenance SLS                                      Huizhou, GD, CN

Operation Analyst                                             Budapest, BU, HU

Hungarian Chartered Accountant                  Budapest, BU, HU

Ingénieur Contrôle de Procédés – Applications H/F            Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, Q, FR

Financial Accounting & Reporting Professional    Budapest, BU, HU

Technology Operations Specialist                 Prague, PR, CZ

Fuels Technology Advisor                                Prague, PR, CZ

Payroll Operations & Accounting Professional     Budapest, BU, HU

Cold Lake Plant Instrumentation and Controls Technician               Cold Lake, AB, CA

Major Capital Projects – Contract Engineering Analyst      Budapest, BU, HU

Internal Auditor – IT General Controls SOX  Budapest, BU, HU

Gas Control Scheduler                                     Budapest, BU, HU

Internal Auditor                                                 Budapest, BU, HU

Business Advisor                                                Budapest, BU, HU

Financial Accounting Analyst                          Budapest, BU, HU

Business Analyst                                                Budapest, BU, HU

Global Cash Management – Banking Services Advisor        Houston, TX, US

Systems Completion Advisor                          Spring, TX, US

Occupational Hygienist                                    Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

MCT/GFF Advisor                                              Huizhou, GD, CN

Operations and Maintenance Technician (Pipeline – Wink)              Wink, TX, US

Instrumentation and Electrical Technician (Wink, TX)        Wink, TX, US

Laboratory Technologist                                 Edmonton, AB, CA

Electrical Engineer                                            Spring, TX, US

Payables Analyst / Specialist with English    Prague, PR, CZ

Upstream Analyst                                             Budapest, BU, HU

Website Platform Product Owner                 Prague, PR, CZ

Project Engineer – Campus Hire 2023           Singapore, 01, SG

Analytics Product Owner                                 Budapest, BU, HU

Contract Administration Specialist                Budapest, BU, HU

Operations Manager, Public & Government Affairs           Wanchai, HK, HK

SH&E Regulatory Advisor                                Shanghai, SH, CN

Exposure Scientist                                             Machelen, Brussels, BRU, BE

Senior Advocacy Strategy Advisor                 Washington, DC, US

Laboratory Shift Chemist                                Beaumont, TX, US

Contracts Manager – Rigs                               Spring, TX, US

Contracts Manager – Well Materials            Spring, TX, US

Products Trader                                                 Houston, TX, US

Instrumentation and Controls Engineer       Bengaluru, KA, IN

Customer Account Specialist (Hindi Speaker)        Bangkok, 10, TH

Customer Account Specialist (Japanese Speaker) Bangkok, 10, TH

Instrumentatie Technician                              Botlek Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Regulatory & Compliance Advisor                 Singapore, 01, SG

Customer Solutions – Advanced Technologist       Bengaluru, KA, IN

Production Technician                                     Tianjin, TJ, CN

Integrity Engineer                                             Bengaluru, KA, IN

Electrical Technician                                        Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Supply Chain Intern                                           Budapest, BU, HU

Social Media Specialist                                    Breda, NB, NL

Supply Coordinator                                           Singapore, 01, SG

Administrative Specialist                                 Washington, DC, US

Administrative Specialist                                 Spring, TX, US

Yard Supervisor                                                 Midland, TX, US

Regulation Specialist                                        Shanghai, SH, CN

Control Systems Engineer                               Baytown, TX, US

Control Systems Specialist                              Baytown, TX, US

Payroll Operations Analyst (English)             Bangkok, 10, TH

Ingénieur Instrumentation des Procédés Industriels H/F   Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Q, FR

Kearl Plant Maintenance Instrumentation Electrical and Controls Technician          Kearl Site, AB, AB, CA

Import Planner                                                  Singapore, 01, SG

Claims Processor                                               Spring, TX, US

Ingénieur en Informatique Industrielle H/F Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, Q, FR

Multicraft/Metals Planner                              Billings, MT, US

Tax Analyst                                                         Budapest, BU, HU

Tax Professional                                                Budapest, BU, HU

Corrosion Technician                                       Carlsbad, NM, US

Field Marketing Advisor                                   Bangkok, 10, TH

Emergency Response Advisor                        Huizhou, GD, CN

Process Control Engineer                                Beaumont, TX, US

Advanced Materials Engineer – Metallurgy & Welding       Bengaluru, KA, IN

Stage Bachelorproef/ masterproef studenten Antwerp Refinery   Antwerpen, VAN, BE

Students Seeking Full-Time Employment in Commercial & Business Direction          Spring, TX, US

Analyzer Engineer                                             Baytown, TX, US

Students Seeking Internship / Co-op in Commercial & Business Direction  Spring, TX, US

Internship Engineer Netherlands – 2023       Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Graduate Engineer – Belgium – 2023             Antwerp Area, VAN, BE

PhD Students Seeking Full Time                     Houston, TX, US

Graduate Engineer – Netherlands – 2023     Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Engineering Students Seeking Internship / Co-op Houston, TX, US

PhD Students Seeking Internship                   Houston, TX, US

Engineering Students Seeking Full-Time Employment        Houston, TX, US

Machinery Technician                                      Singapore, 01, SG

Procurement Inventory Assistant: Cataloguer/Expeditor  Buenos Aires, B, AR

Procurement Assistant                                     Buenos AIres, B, AR

Procurement Contracts Lead                         Buenos Aires, B, AR

Junior Technical Engineer with German       Prague, PR, CZ

Senior Technical Engineer (Olefin/Co-product/PP/LDPE/LLDPE/Utilities/Fuels & Offsites) – Huizhou                                                               Huizhou, GD, CN

Senior Technician (Olefin/Co-product/PP/LDPE/LLDPE/Utilities/Fuels & Offsite) – Huizhou                                                                              Huizhou, GD, CN

Project Integration Analyst                             Huizhou, GD, CN

Technician (Olefin/Co-product/PP/LDPE/LLDPE/Utilities/Fuels & Offsite) – Huizhou                                                                              Huizhou, GD, CN

Process Engineer                                               Singapore, 01, SG

Analyzer Technician                                          Singapore, 01, SG

Power Distribution Technician                       Singapore, 01, SG

Instrumentation & Electrical Technician      Singapore, 01, SG

International Marine Lubes Field Engineer  Shanghai, SH, CN

Senior Polyolefin Process Engineer               Baton Rouge, LA, US

Senior Polyolefin Process Engineer               Beaumont, TX, US

Upstream LNG Analyst                                     Budapest, BU, HU

GIS Specialist                                                      Bengaluru, KA, IN

ExxonMobile Oil and Gas Jobs
ExxonMobile Oil and Gas Jobs
ExxonMobile Oil and Gas Jobs
ExxonMobile Oil and Gas Jobs

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